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Rabu, 5 Oktober 2011

I like Public Bank Service In Keningau .

Public Bank Berhad

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

We have more choices to saving money in the bank. We also can choose more than one of the bank wherever. That is up to you.

But, i have something to tell for everyone especially who is reading in my blog site now. Yeah... in Keningau area i have  looked the Public Bank workers very good services. Their service almost quality and smart to customer and also very faster. Beside that, i look all the service in Public Bank Keningau be ready at time and friendly to all  customer. 

I hope services in the Public Bank Keningau area almost identify their services concept well done and smart. 

First at last, i tell of you, i like Public Bank service in Keningau. But, please don't angry me when said like this. I cannot how Public Bank service in you area. So, i give a big applause to all  workers  in Public Bank Branches  in Keningau, Sabah. Thank you.

                     (more choices) not more choice
(can choose) not can chose
(than) not then
(tell) not tall
(i have looked) not i look
(i hope a service/i hope services) not i hope service
(please don't angry me when I said like this)...

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