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Sabtu, 28 November 2009

What do you think if our world use the service of ROBORT?

Salam ceria. ( Ini esei BI from etuza family)

As we knew a ROBOT is a machine resembling and acting like a person. The Japan's country that produce the first ROBOT in the world using their own technologies.
So what do you think if the Robot is produced in our country? of course a partial society receive this condition and the rest maybe decline. The producing of Robot by our technologies maybe gives advantage or disadvantages of our life. Everyone in this world needs comfort and convenience in life, so no one will discharge this opportunity.
In this life, the advantage and disadvantages already mixed with our life. By the way, benefits that we'll get. With the helps of Robot, human being can get rest without doing any work. This enable us to rest along time without thinking any problem in career or at surroundings. Moreover, we not need to be tired to go at supermarket for necessity of kitchen. We just gives instruction to our Robot to do that job. Did you think that matter was easy?. Yes!! but as a clever pupil, we must thinking in genius mind. Try to look at future, do you think that the Robot will gives happiness for us?
For a person that has a clever and clear mind, she or he will think that the service of Robot only cause more disadvantages than advantages. Try to think forward, what happen to our world if human being did not do any work but only get rest all the time and what is the role of adage, "Time is a gold". Of course all pupil in this world. have obesity because they didn't do any work and only eat also sleep all the time. For you information, the producing of Robot already cause a pollution such as land, air and water pollution.

As a conclusion, the Robot only gives us more disadvantages than advantage. Cooperation and effort is he basis of development country.
Thank you for reader.

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