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Rabu, 4 November 2009

All living things will die without water & Congratulation

People like us need water in our daily lives. What ever water is the most important
Animals and plants need water to grow and manufacture food.
Do you know how important water is? All living things will die without water. We use in our daily lives. Beside using water for drinking and watering the plants. Plants need water o grow and produce food. The green substance called chlorophyll also helps the plants to produce their own food.
Water also plays another important role in human lives. For ages, people have used it as a means of transportation. People used rafts, boats, canoes and ferries to travel on water to fulfill their needs. With modern technologies, big ship can now travel on water faster and deliver goods all around the world.
Looking at the impact that water has on human life, we need to appreciate water more. Steps should be taken to conserve our natural water resources so that we will not face any problems related to water in the future.

Congratulation! ( Group Ziyaad Nasyid from Sabah is the winning the competition National Nasyid Festival at Puterajaya Kuala Lumpur 2009.

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