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Selasa, 3 November 2009

Aliya drawing cute a chicken last night

Untuk Perhatian BI saya masih teruk. Saya cuba praktikan saja mana-mana vocabulary saya yang ada. Please maafkan saya kerana banyak kesalahan grammar.
Look at the picture. This is a very simple activity for children.
We only need a little money to buy the colored picture .
Anytime we can give this activities for your children to playing alone. Last night my last daughter successfully drew a beautiful chicken. She is four years old. I watched her carefully painted the chicken using some colour powder.

Firstly your children open the box of colour and spread the colour powered on the drawing. While doing this activity i think the concentrations is most important. Without concentrations the colour of the object is not satisfactory.

Look at the picture my daughter did, she could colour the object very well. This is something very interesting and good to share to all. She can also follow the line to colour the part of chicken with the same colour.

Look at what Aliya did?
Now, she already colour all the chicken part correctly. She did it
on her own last night and show me after she finish.
I think this is a good activity for children at her age.
Beside that is also can encourage their creativity. And not wasting
their time by watching television all the time.

A very good presentation from Aliya.
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