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Isnin, 18 Januari 2010

I like the white solid and manual. ( Buying a toy car for my son is almost as difficult as buying a new family car. Hehe, are you agree me?

Welcome to our new car, hehe! afif smile
looking happy
Flat no my own car is simple and easy to say.

Alamalamualaikum and salam sejahtera.

It takes me a long time to make up my mind about some thing. I don't decide things quickly. Some people think this is good and some people think it is bad.
Sometimes my friends try to influence me. I listen to their advice, but i make my own decisions. Sometimes it takes me a long time to make up mind, but i don't often have to change it. Other people i know are changing their minds all the time. They are afraid to make a decicion about anything. In two minutes they say that they have considered everything and that they are positive they have made a good decision. I'm surprised that they can be so confident.
Before i make a decision, i try to get all the facts i can. I also try to think of everything that might be important. I take also all the reason from my friends about that something i want. Hehe!, i think to buy a new car, it is almost as difficult as buying a toy car for my son. Everything we need to think in mind. I look every automobile here is nice. I don't know what to do. Whatever, i must make a decision.
Firstly, i can't make up my mind which car to buy, so! someone i call and take he suggestions about new car and second. I try to imagine all the matter. lastly i have result to me choice which one the car i want. Oh! personally i like that metallic and nice colour, like blue and silver colour, but the white one is beautiful, too. Well, i think i'll prefer the white solid EXZORA. Ha! look our new family car in the picture. That is my dream. It's ok yea! because the exzora car is made from Malaysia.

Salam and see u.

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